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According to a statement from the United States Embassy in the Dominican Republic, children aged 13 and under do not require an interview at the consular office.

To be eligible for the interview waiver, children who are 13 years old or younger must: Have been born in the Dominican Republic and have a Dominican passport Have at least one of the parents a valid 10-year B1 / B2 visa or are renewing their visa at the same time as the child Submit a Certificate [...]

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Authorized extension of stay of Venezuelan Nationals.

If you are Venezuelan and your entry into the country has been on a regular basis from January 2014 to March 2020 ”, you can apply for this regularization program; complying with the requirements, demanded by the General Directorate of Migration. You will be given a non-resident card, which will allow you to be legally in [...]

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Measures adopted in the General Directorate of Migration of the DR due to COVID-19

1- As of Monday, March 23, all scheduled appointments were suspended until further notice. 2- Said postponement will not generate a charge for users. 3- The new dates of their appointments will be rescheduled in the same order they had before the change. .4- As soon as the national curfew is lifted and [...]

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Measures taken by the US immigration service

1- The Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will add almost a month and a half of closing its offices by announcing the extension of the suspension of person-to-person services until May 3, so it will reopen on May 4 . 2- This closure of physical offices does not represent [...]

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History of Dominican Immigration Law

Migration law is the set of public law norms that regulate the international transit of people (nationals and foreigners); establishes the modalities and conditions to which the entry, stay or stay and departure of foreigners will be subject and what is related to the departure, emigration and return or repatriation of nationals. Historically, [...]

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